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We’re better together. Explore the teams below that are committed to collective impact.

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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: 1 Team: City of Brooklyn Park organization: City of Brooklyn Park members: 82 Total Points: 13931  
Rank: 2 Team: Community Team organization: Hennepin County members: 164 Total Points: 12524  
Rank: 3 Team: Go Green, CP! organization: Champlin Park High School members: 42 Total Points: 7783  
Rank: 4 Team: Three Rivers Park District organization: Three Rivers Park District members: 54 Total Points: 6733  
Rank: 5 Team: Niron Magnetics organization: Niron Magnetics members: 16 Total Points: 5919  
Rank: 6 Team: St. Peder's Earth Stewards organization: St. Peder's Lutheran Church members: 24 Total Points: 4940  
Rank: 7 Team: Girl Scout Troop 17913 organization: Eagle Heights members: 10 Total Points: 3683  
Rank: 8 Team: GreenCorps organization: AmeriCorps members: 16 Total Points: 3079  
Rank: 9 Team: Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub organization: Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub members: 25 Total Points: 2612  
Rank: 10 Team: City of St. Louis Park organization: City of St. Louis Park members: 20 Total Points: 2604  
Rank: 11 Team: Zero Waste Task Force - Sierra Club organization: Sierra Club - North Star Chapter members: 8 Total Points: 2407  
Rank: 12 Team: AAUW Minneapolis Goes Green organization: Mpls AAUW members: 12 Total Points: 2358  
Rank: 13 Team: eden prairie organization: West Suburban members: 23 Total Points: 2144  
Rank: 14 Team: Elders in Action organization: Twin Cities Elders Climate Action members: 13 Total Points: 2022  
Rank: 15 Team: League of Women Voters Richfield organization: members: 11 Total Points: 1981  
Rank: 16 Team: Sustainable Smudge organization: members: 6 Total Points: 1936  
Rank: 17 Team: Excelsior Methodist organization: Excelsior United Methodist Church members: 20 Total Points: 1797  
Rank: 18 Team: U.S. Bank organization: U.S. Bank members: 44 Total Points: 1654  
Rank: 19 Team: AHA Sophomores organization: Academy of Holy Angels members: 19 Total Points: 1512  
Rank: 20 Team: Land and Water Unit (& Friends and Family) organization: Hennepin County members: 10 Total Points: 1382  
Rank: 21 Team: Northside Safety NET organization: Environmental Initiative members: 14 Total Points: 1326  
Rank: 22 Team: OBF organization: Hennepin County members: 10 Total Points: 1307  
Rank: 23 Team: AHA Juniors organization: Academy of Holy Angels members: 30 Total Points: 1238  
Rank: 24 Team: Plastic Free Wannabees organization: members: 6 Total Points: 1203  
Rank: 25 Team: Cabrini Care for Creation organization: St. Francis Cabrini Church members: 8 Total Points: 1104  
Rank: 26 Team: Bloomington is GREEN organization: members: 8 Total Points: 1072  
Rank: 27 Team: Analog Dance Works organization: Analog Dance Works members: 6 Total Points: 1001  
Rank: 28 Team: Gethsemane Green Team organization: Gethsemane Lutheran Church members: 7 Total Points: 967  
Rank: 29 Team: ICWA Corrie's Unit organization: Hennepin County members: 5 Total Points: 955  
Rank: 30 Team: St. Anthony Middle School Green Team organization: St. Anthony Middle School members: 26 Total Points: 921