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We’re better together. Explore the teams below that are committed to collective impact.

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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: 26 Team: Zero Waste Advocates organization: Zero Waste Advocates of MN members: 9 Total Points: 185  
Rank: 95 Team: Small and Mighty Ecology Club organization: Wilshire Park members: 2 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 99 Team: West Bloomington organization: West Bloomington Residents members: 1 Total Points: 21  
Rank: 46 Team: Wells Fargo MN Employee Impact Team Members organization: Wells Fargo members: 5 Total Points: 103  
Rank: 101 Team: Our house organization: Very fine house members: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 5 Team: VCPC Crew organization: Valley Community Presbyterian Church members: 21 Total Points: 595  
Rank: 60 Team: The Plastic Eradicators organization: us bank members: 7 Total Points: 75  
Rank: 100 Team: Plastic Free Champions organization: U.S. Bank members: 2 Total Points: 20  
Rank: 58 Team: Green Goblins organization: U.S. Bank members: 5 Total Points: 79  
Rank: 101 Team: Float Forward for a Plastic-Free Future organization: U.S. Bank members: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 68 Team: USB Challengers organization: U.S. Bank members: 3 Total Points: 60  
Rank: 48 Team: CSE Student Services organization: University of Minnesota members: 5 Total Points: 95  
Rank: 22 Team: Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub organization: Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub members: 11 Total Points: 210  
Rank: 8 Team: Thermo King organization: Trane Technologies members: 19 Total Points: 470  
Rank: 95 Team: Eleanor Skelton organization: Touchstone Mental Health members: 1 Total Points: 25  
Rank: 25 Team: Lowry Nature Center organization: Three Rivers Park District - Lowry Nature Center members: 6 Total Points: 187  
Rank: 7 Team: Team Three Rivers organization: Three Rivers Park District members: 21 Total Points: 519  
Rank: 100 Team: Trippe organization: ST Psychotherapy members: 1 Total Points: 20  
Rank: 28 Team: St. Peder's organization: St. Peder's Lutheran Church members: 4 Total Points: 181  
Rank: 76 Team: St. Olaf Lutheran Church Climate Change Action Group organization: St. Olaf Lutheran Church members: 1 Total Points: 46  
Rank: 55 Team: Earth Stewards organization: St Luke Presbyterian Church members: 7 Total Points: 83  
Rank: 83 Team: Springhouse Green Team organization: Springhouse members: 2 Total Points: 39  
Rank: 11 Team: Spark-Y organization: Spark-Y members: 7 Total Points: 321  
Rank: 74 Team: The Info Team organization: Southdale Library members: 2 Total Points: 48  
Rank: 6 Team: Coalition to Reduce Plastic organization: Sierra Club members: 16 Total Points: 577  
Rank: 4 Team: Seward Neighborhood organization: Seward Neighborhood members: 20 Total Points: 609  
Rank: 37 Team: Our House organization: Self members: 3 Total Points: 139  
Rank: 89 Team: Nanapat organization: Self members: 2 Total Points: 31  
Rank: 70 Team: New phone organization: Self members: 2 Total Points: 55  
Rank: 45 Team: Team Securian Financial organization: Securian Financial members: 2 Total Points: 104