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  • Reflection Question
    At Home Plan a Garden
    Besides having access to fresh herbs and vegetables, what benefits will you see from growing your own garden?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/13/2022 1:20 PM
    I will be able to see where my food comes from.  Won't buy vegies in all that plastic.   I will feel healthier by eating food that I have grown. 
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Ditch the Disposable Cleaning Wipes
    How have you modified your cleaning routine to make sure you aren't using disposable wipes? Are you satisfied with the results?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/13/2022 1:19 PM
    I use natural fiber sponges to clean and scrub.   I am very happen not using plastic sponges or wipes any longer.   I never thought about it before, but that sponge was turning into micro-plastics and contributing to the plastic problem.   

  • Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/13/2022 1:17 PM
    Washed plastic bags and hung up to dry to re-use again.  Used natural sponge and baking soda to scrub my sink sparking clean!  
  • Reflection Question
    Food Make Your Own
    How do you feel about being more involved in the food preparation process? Joyful, overwhelmed, engaged, empowered? What are the benefits of choosing to process or produce your own food instead of buying it pre-processed?

    Jessica Vanella's avatar
    Jessica Vanella 2/09/2022 10:34 AM
    I used one of my grandmother's recipes! She had so many great recipes that I just need to prioritize and make them apart of my meal preps. 
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Shop Used
    What kinds of items have been easy for you to find used? What has been hard?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/09/2022 9:01 AM
    Used furniture, clothes and housewares is easy.   Used appliances not so easy.  
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Recycle Plastic Bags
    Has separating your plastic bags for recycling helped you identify how you might reduce how many you have? What are you doing differently now?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/09/2022 8:58 AM
    I wash my bags and reuse them.  I sort into 3 types:  Recycle,  Trash Bags,  Food Bags.  I made a 3 pocket station to keep them organized.  
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Reuse Trash Bags Instead of Purchasing New
    What are some of the challenges or benefits you have experienced using reused bags instead of a bag purposely designed to hold trash?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/09/2022 8:33 AM
    Holes in the bags.  Need to check first.  If they are too holey, they get recycled instead. 
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Skip the Dryer Sheets
    How difficult (or easy!) has it been for you to cut dryer sheets from your laundry routine?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/09/2022 8:32 AM
    Stopped using them years ago.  They are nothing but chemical covered plastic.  Use wool balls if you need dryer balls. 
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Extend the Life of Electronics
    What maintenance steps do you take to keep your electronics in good working order?

    Sue Jaeger's avatar
    Sue Jaeger 2/09/2022 8:31 AM
    keep software updated.  

  • Susan Hamill's avatar
    Susan Hamill 2/09/2022 7:19 AM
    didn't realize this was a daily 'check in' thing.

    • Sue Jaeger's avatar
      Sue Jaeger 2/13/2022 1:23 PM
      I think we check in whenever we can.    Thanks for all you are doing.   Looks awesome!