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Plastic Free in 2023 Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    At Home Watch a Documentary
    Which documentary did you choose to watch? What did you learn?

    Natasha Gaffer's avatar
    Natasha Gaffer 2/24/2023 8:09 PM
    Just watched the documentary 'A Plastic Ocean'. It turns out that I haven't watched all of the good documentaries yet. This one is good. It's free on Youtube:
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Plastic-Free Caffeine Routine
    How has removing your single-use plastics impacted your caffeine routine?

    Natasha Gaffer's avatar
    Natasha Gaffer 2/24/2023 8:00 PM
    The VRBO in the bahamas where I visited had a stovetop percolator. Just add espresso and water. No disposable pods or exposure to toxic chemicals during the process of making the coffee. Loved it. Learned about these for the first time in Italy.

  • Tamara Gambino's avatar
    Tamara Gambino 2/10/2023 6:42 AM
    Like reading the tips because every little bit helps.

  • Barb  Shimshock's avatar
    Barb Shimshock 2/06/2023 6:29 AM
    Awareness is key and I'm sharing it with others.