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February 1 - February 28, 2023


Lumen Christi

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  • February 20 at 6:55 AM
    A little preparation goes a long way. If you put a water bottle from home in your car or backpack you won't get caught having to buy bottled water
  • February 10 at 4:14 PM
    While the challenge is going well thus far, its been hard to remember to check in each day. I am anxious to use my new reusable bags when doing grocery shopping this weekend.
  • February 10 at 4:10 PM
    I spend many hours on the weekends at my son's sporting events. I don't like to carry a water bottle for I inevitably leave it somewhere, so I would just bring a bottle of water or buy one at the venue. I purchased a water bottle holder that I can wear so I don't have to hold my water all the time.
  • February 10 at 4:01 PM
    Hardest time is packing snacks for my son. I use plastic baggies for I don't trust him bring home reusable ones. I found some reusable ones I really like for this challenge and so far so good.
  • February 10 at 3:56 PM
    It's really not hard, but its the convenience factor. I play sports a lot and if I forget to grab my water bottle, its quick and easy to grab a bottle of something and go and not worry about keeping track of it and bringing it home. By keeping one at home and school then I should always have one around.
  • February 10 at 3:51 PM
    The challenge is almost 1/2 over already. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Hopefully I am starting to build new habits I can keep going after the challenge is over.

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