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  • Phoenix Heller's avatar
    Phoenix Heller 2/17/2021 9:46 AM
    My husband went food shopping with me on Monday and he decided against several items because of the plastic and foam tray they were in. Yay!

  • Emily Tonkin's avatar
    Emily Tonkin 2/16/2021 9:23 AM
    Just prior to the start of this challenge, I started to convert any remaining personal care products to products or methods that avoid single use plastic. Once the challenge began, I committed to converting them all (except toothpaste...that one is really tough for me). My favorite recent finds so far have been Youth to the People skin care, Badger Protect Land & Sea sunscreen in a tin, and Little Seed Farm deodorant cream. Oldies but goodies include moon cups (I've had mine for more than 10 years and acquired it back when there were only a few on the market), bulk shampoo (I know the bulk bottles are still plastic, but the reduction in plastic is a step in the right direction), Bryn Mawr soap (the wrapper is compostable), Badger hair oil, and a safety razor. Would love to try refillable no-plastic products like Plaine Products shampoo, lotion, etc., but I wonder about the impact of personal shipping. It can be overwhelming to realize all the ways in which plastic is everywhere and develop ways to avoid it. 

    • Jessie Roelofs's avatar
      Jessie Roelofs 2/17/2021 12:14 PM
      One option to avoid shipping might be to get bulk shampoo, lotion, etc. in your own containers from the co-op?
  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care Switch to compostable floss
    Flossing is a hard habit to maintain for a lot of people! Does making your flossing routine more sustainable give you motivation to keep up this notoriously difficult habit?

    Christie Paulsen's avatar
    Christie Paulsen 2/11/2021 12:29 PM
    knowing that a personal care item is not a one use and toss event makes me motivated to search out, purchase and use a sustainable alternative.

  • Janet Gonder's avatar
    Janet Gonder 2/10/2021 9:16 PM
    Checked Seward Co-op's bulk offerings of shampoo, creme rinse, body lotion and am looking forward to refilling the plastic bottles I now have with the bulk products once they are empty.  Also found some face lotion packaged in glass rather than plastic.  Switching from Cliff bars, etc to homemade trail mix made from bulk items as emergency snacks in car and office.  BUT eliminating plastic is not only challenging, it is impossible.  Still I'll keep trying and taking steps.
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Shop Used
    What kinds of items have been easy for you to find used? What has been hard?

    Janet Gonder's avatar
    Janet Gonder 2/10/2021 8:59 PM
    Easy to find - a hot air popcorn popper.  Seems like everyone buys one and then gives it away shortly after...

  • Emily Tonkin's avatar
    Emily Tonkin 2/10/2021 1:40 PM
    The most satisfying plastic-reducing move during this challenge so far is homemade yogurt. My household tried this for the first time over the weekend using milk from a glass jug and a bit of leftover yogurt previously purchased at the store (in the future, we can use leftovers from yogurt we make). It turned out six servings of really tasty yogurt. Now I won't have to purchase yogurt in plastic containers again!
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Watch a Documentary
    Which documentary did you choose to watch? What did you learn?

    Laurel Bieschke's avatar
    Laurel Bieschke 2/08/2021 10:25 AM
    I chose the Frontline episode "Plastic Wars. It is disturbing to think how much money the plastic industry has spent in false marketing campaigns that have led people to "wishcycle" rather than reduce their consumption. The percentage of "recyclable" goods that can actually be recycled is shockingly low, and I wish they would remove the chasing arrows symbol from packages that aren't actually recyclable. 
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Shop Used
    What kinds of items have been easy for you to find used? What has been hard?

    Andrea Siegel's avatar
    Andrea Siegel 2/05/2021 8:31 AM
    Clothes for me, and adult woman, have been easy to find used. Ice skates and kids skis were easy to find used. Tall, skinny boys clothes and men's clothes have been more difficult. Joined my neighborhood Buy Nothing group and randomly was gifted the leather tow rope covers I needed for my son vs. having to buy new!
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Recycle Plastic Caps
    What are some things you can do to avoid using plastic bottles and plastic caps in the first place?

    Barbara Buehl's avatar
    Barbara Buehl 2/03/2021 8:33 AM
    I recycle them with the containers 

    • julie moore's avatar
      julie moore 2/03/2021 9:43 AM
      Buy in bulk. I save all of my jars from purchases and now have quite a set to refill! My problem is my local coop no longer has refillable cleaning product options. Fortunately, I am pretty much making my own, but personal care is still something I am working on.
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Make Green Cleaners
    Which household cleaners did you try making? Have you been able to simplify your cleaning routine?

    Barbara Buehl's avatar
    Barbara Buehl 2/03/2021 8:32 AM
    I make laundry soap on a regular basis

    • Barbara Buehl's avatar
      Barbara Buehl 2/03/2021 9:52 AM
      1 cup Fels Naptha   soap  ( I shred it  in a veg shredder or cheese grater and then put it in food processor to make it into tiny  almost powder)
      1/2 cup Arm & Hammer  washing soda
      1/2 cup Borax
      mix well
       I store it in an airtight container and use 2 TBSP per load wash temp low warm

    • julie moore's avatar
      julie moore 2/03/2021 9:43 AM
      What is your laundry soap recipe?