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  • Barbara Rice's avatar
    Barbara Rice 3/01/2023 7:37 AM
    Also I know that Tare Market has community jars; a person can donate to them but only 5 jars at a time and only if they need replenishment of the community jars. Still - a great way to reuse.

  • Barbara Rice's avatar
    Barbara Rice 3/01/2023 7:36 AM
    I am gathering up jars and plastic containers. I will post these on the Buy Nothing group because I have more than I can possibly use. Maybe someone else can use them rather than putting them in the recycle bin, which is where they will go if there is no interest.

  • Danielle Rainsberry's avatar
    Danielle Rainsberry 2/28/2023 2:20 PM
    I made my own cleaning solution with vinegar, water, and dish soap!

  • Ruth McGuire-Schoff's avatar
    Ruth McGuire-Schoff 2/28/2023 1:05 PM
    I asked my boss if I could try using ‘real’ silverware in my elementary school kitchen. It was delivered and we used it for the first time today! Looking forward to less waste coming out of my kitchen! Kudos to my team for being willing to try this!
  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care Purchase Alternative Toothpaste
    Currently, most of the packaging for toothpaste is plastic. What has been your experience using plastic-free toothpaste options? How can you advocate for more alternatives through your purchasing power and influence in community?

    Anne Scheible's avatar
    Anne Scheible 2/27/2023 3:07 PM
    I bought toothpaste tablets but I don't really like them. They don't foam up like toothpaste so it feels like they aren't working. I traveled last week and I should have taken them.
  • Reflection Question
    At Home Plan a Garden
    Besides having access to fresh herbs and vegetables, what benefits will you see from growing your own garden?

    Anne Scheible's avatar
    Anne Scheible 2/27/2023 3:05 PM
    Even though there's a foot of snow on the ground it's time to start planning the garden. Fortunately I have a good nursery nearby.

  • Danielle Rainsberry's avatar
    Danielle Rainsberry 2/27/2023 10:33 AM
    I'm going to stop using plastic detergent pods in my dishwasher and washing machine!
  • Reflection Question
    Food Ditch the Plastic Wrap
    Which method did you try? Do you prefer reusable containers or reusable wraps?

    Kim Riesgraf's avatar
    Kim Riesgraf 2/27/2023 6:24 AM
    Done. I use wax covers and reusable containers.
  • Reflection Question
    Community Estimate Your Plastic Footprint
    What did you find out about your plastic consumption by using the calculator? What did or didn't surprise you?

    Kim Riesgraf's avatar
    Kim Riesgraf 2/27/2023 6:23 AM
    I need to do better with personal hygiene products that will reduce my carbon footprint. I do very well in the grocery area.
  • Reflection Question
    On-the-go Visit a packaging-free store
    Did you find anything at the store that you didn't expect? What was it, and did you find it useful?

    Judy Ulrich's avatar
    Judy Ulrich 2/26/2023 1:32 PM
    I went to Zeroish & found out I could bring my glass jars that I had been saving and donate them. I bought 3 wool dryer balls, a sisal bag for using my bar soap scraps & compostable dental picks for my partner.