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  • Reflection Question
    At Home Plan a Garden
    Besides having access to fresh herbs and vegetables, what benefits will you see from growing your own garden?

    Cheryl Broten's avatar
    Cheryl Broten 2/25/2023 4:35 PM
    Time spent working outdoors

  • Laura Horner's avatar
    Laura Horner 2/21/2023 1:40 PM
    We hope you can join City of Bloomington's Rethinking Disposables virtual presentation on Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm!

    Learn more and register here:

  • Beth Stegora's avatar
    Beth Stegora 2/21/2023 9:26 AM
    I commended Falafel King in Bloomington for their compostable containers that they use for to go!

  • Beth Stegora's avatar
    Beth Stegora 2/21/2023 9:25 AM
    We added a kit to each of our cars that has to go containers to bring with us to restaurants.

  • Jodi Peterson's avatar
    Jodi Peterson 2/14/2023 1:17 PM
    Love 💘 the Minneapolis Toy Library! In November my 18 mo. old grandson visited us from California. We are retired and I didn't want to purchase toys for his visit. I went to the Toy Library and found not only the perfect toys for his visit but an abundance of useful ideas from all the parents and children browsing there. My grandson was thrilled as soon as he walked in. Grandma's house was a hit! I am happy to support them with a donation and soon with some of my son's old toys that are still in good shape but probably will never make it to California.
  • Reflection Question
    Personal Care Switch to compostable floss
    Flossing is a hard habit to maintain for a lot of people! Does making your flossing routine more sustainable give you motivation to keep up this notoriously difficult habit?

    Melissa Palank's avatar
    Melissa Palank 2/14/2023 10:29 AM
    When my next DDS appointment comes up in March, I am going to refuse the complimentary floss. I have been using a waterpik lately, which could go both ways. Yes, it is made with plastic and uses water, but I am reducing the amount of waste I produce by not using floss. It definitely makes you think about what truly makes something more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Reflection Question
    Food Shop the Bulk Bins
    How has buying bulk impacted the quality of the food you receive? Why do you think our society relies more on prepackaged foods rather than buying in bulk?

    Melissa Palank's avatar
    Melissa Palank 2/14/2023 10:27 AM
    This one will be a little harder for me to do - not only do I not shop very frequently, but a lot of things I buy are not in bulk. But I am thinking differently about how we can purchase our food and make snacks - as well as planning on visiting a tare store and see what options they have.
  • Reflection Question
    Community Pick Up Plastic Litter
    How does the act of picking up litter connect you more to your community?

    Kendra Rysan's avatar
    Kendra Rysan 2/14/2023 6:05 AM
    This has been the perfect week to pick up litter because the snow has been melting and revealing trash that was previously buried under snow. I've been thinking about our waterways too - storm drains run straight to the river and so does any garbage that gets caught up in them.

    I previously did the Zero Waste Challenge and so I was already doing many of the things this challenge suggests. Picking up litter has been a way to push me further and outside of my own home.
  • Reflection Question
    On-the-go Recycle at Work
    Does your workplace have a good recycling program? What could be improved?

    Rebecca Fischer's avatar
    Rebecca Fischer 2/13/2023 5:26 PM
    Recycling at work is ok but could be better. I think the bins need to be better labeled - what goes in and what doesn't.

  • Kendra Rysan's avatar
    Kendra Rysan 2/10/2023 8:41 AM
    Today I sewed up a pair of jeans that had a hole in them. While more indirectly related to plastic (plastic-based fibers and such), it was a good step in terms of waste reduction, since textiles are rarely recycled and a large environmental pollutant.