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Sarah Holmberg


"Doing my best to consume less :)"

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Sarah's Actions

Personal Care

Purchase Alternative Toothpaste

I will purchase toothpaste powder or toothpaste tabs in plastic-free packaging, or I will make my own!

One-Time Action


Visit a packaging-free store

I will visit a co-op or zero waste store to check out my local options for bulk products and plastic-free items.

One-Time Action


Make Your Own

I will try a new recipe or food preparation method, such as canning, pickling, making yogurt, or baking granola bars or bread.


At Home

Shop Used

I will buy secondhand goods to reduce the demand for new plastic products and avoid packaging.


At Home

Plastic-Free Caffeine Routine

I will cut single-use plastics out of my morning drink by switching to reusable coffee pods, tea infusers, and bulk beans or tea leaves.

One-Time Action

At Home

Reuse Trash Bags Instead of Purchasing New

I will reuse existing bags such as pet food bags, grocery bags, or online shopping bags instead of buying new bags to line my trash containers.

One-Time Action

At Home

Plan a Garden

I will plan an herb or vegetable garden for next year at my home, workplace, or community garden.

One-Time Action


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    Sarah Holmberg 2/24/2023 7:26 AM
    This month, rather than buying something new, I was able to finish sewing a new vest for my nephew out of second-hand fabric from my grandma! A generational piece of clothing that can hopefully last for many years to come! :)

  • Sarah Holmberg's avatar
    Sarah Holmberg 2/24/2023 7:15 AM
    The clothing industry as a whole is not very transparent about waste, sustainability, or ethical work conditions. It's unfortunate that a daily need like clothes can pose a moral and ethical dilemma. Even when clothing companies do discuss how their products are made, it can be hard to decipher what is fact and what is green-washing for the sake of gaining customer rapport. I get daily emails from clothing companies, one of which is Outdoor Voices, a recreational clothing company. They talk a lot about sustainability and even dedicate a page on their website that discusses concrete ways they are taking action to reduce waste, reuse plastics in their fabric, and plan for the future. It is encouraging to see what they are doing and I hope this advocacy is reflected in more areas of the industry in years to come. If you would like to see what this company is doing you can check it out here!
  • Reflection Question
    On-the-go Visit a packaging-free store
    Did you find anything at the store that you didn't expect? What was it, and did you find it useful?

    Sarah Holmberg's avatar
    Sarah Holmberg 2/22/2023 12:46 PM
    Yesterday I visited Tare Market again and it always makes me reflect on how much plastic sneaks into our everyday lives. From lotion bottles to toothbrushes to candy packages. Rather than using other forms of packaging, companies always resort to plastic.

  • Sarah Holmberg's avatar
    Sarah Holmberg 2/08/2023 10:42 AM
    A few days ago I got a scoby from a friend and started to brew my first batch of kombucha, rather than buying it from the store! I'm excited to see how it turns out!