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Maria Brower

Plymouth Area Indivisible

"No Plastic challenge yourself to fjndjng alternatives as a new mom."

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Personal Care

Switch to compostable floss

I will switch to compostable floss in a reusable container.

One-Time Action

Personal Care

Buy Reusable Bathroom Products

I will replace my [item] with a reusable [item] in the bathroom (disposable cups, makeup wipes and soap dispensers, etc.).

One-Time Action

Personal Care

Use Plastic-Free Beauty Packaging

I will use beauty products that come in plastic-free packaging, refillable packaging, or I will make my own.

One-Time Action

Personal Care

Replace My Toothbrush

I will replace 2 of my household's plastic toothbrushes with recycled plastic, wood or bamboo toothbrushes.

One-Time Action


Give the Gift of Experiences

I will give experiences instead of things for gifts.

One-Time Action


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    Maria Brower 2/15/2021 4:18 AM
    Really good.
    My husband and I buy compostable garbage bags and washing scrubs.
    I use free and clear detergent and just a pour a small amount jn the washer. The same goes for the dishwasher.
    I buy used children's clothing at Once Upon a Child. 
    We just got skates for my preschooler at a store called Play it again.
    We would like to improve in not using bags when freezing breast milk.