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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 68 Name: Alliance for Sustainability Teams: Lowry Hill Team Alliance for Sustainability teammates: 3 Total Points: 59  
Rank: 67 Name: Academy of Holy Angels Teams: AHA Juniors 2023 AHA Seniors 2023 AHA Freshman 2023 teammates: 3 Total Points: 62  
Rank: 66 Name: City Teams: Hopkins teammates: 5 Total Points: 78  
Rank: 65 Name: Analog Dance Works Teams: Team Analog teammates: 1 Total Points: 82  
Rank: 65 Name: Family Teams: Timlins Team Nord Team Norman schmid teammates: 5 Total Points: 82  
Rank: 64 Name: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Teams: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board teammates: 3 Total Points: 98  
Rank: 63 Name: St. Anthony Middle School Teams: St. Anthony Middle School Green Team teammates: 5 Total Points: 119  
Rank: 62 Name: PSA Teams: Green Team teammates: 3 Total Points: 122  
Rank: 61 Name: St. Olaf Lutheran Church Teams: St. Olaf Lutheran Church Climate Change Action Group teammates: 1 Total Points: 126  
Rank: 60 Name: Next Stage Rental + Market Teams: Next Stage teammates: 3 Total Points: 165  
Rank: 59 Name: Kenny Neighborhood Association Teams: Kenny Neighborhood teammates: 5 Total Points: 167  
Rank: 58 Name: fischenich ashling Teams: mary ellen Fischenich teammates: 2 Total Points: 174  
Rank: 58 Name: Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Teams: Picky About Plastic teammates: 2 Total Points: 174  
Rank: 57 Name: Edison High School Teams: Edison Green Team teammates: 7 Total Points: 228  
Rank: 56 Name: Fulton Neighborhood Association Teams: Fulton Neighborhood teammates: 4 Total Points: 229  
Rank: 55 Name: City of Brooklyn Park Teams: Team streets teammates: 1 Total Points: 295  
Rank: 54 Name: Rotary Club of Maple Grove Teams: ESRAG teammates: 6 Total Points: 296  
Rank: 53 Name: Maple Grove Citizens for Sustainability Teams: teammates: 3 Total Points: 332  
Rank: 52 Name: University of Minnesota Teams: CSE Student Services teammates: 5 Total Points: 364  
Rank: 51 Name: Applewood Champlin Teams: APChamplin teammates: 3 Total Points: 369  
Rank: 50 Name: City of Golden Valley Teams: Golden Valley teammates: 1 Total Points: 374  
Rank: 49 Name: Springhouse Teams: Springhouse Green Team teammates: 2 Total Points: 386  
Rank: 48 Name: Bolton & Menk Inc. Teams: BMI Tree Huggers teammates: 8 Total Points: 406  
Rank: 47 Name: Zero Waste Advocates of MN Teams: Zero Waste Advocates teammates: 9 Total Points: 442  
Rank: 46 Name: Hennepin Co Teams: Hoaloha teammates: 4 Total Points: 480  
Rank: 45 Name: Hennepin County Property Tax Teams: Tax Accounting teammates: 3 Total Points: 486  
Rank: 44 Name: Edina Morningside Rotary Club Teams: Edina Morningside Rotary Club teammates: 11 Total Points: 522  
Rank: 43 Name: Living Table United Church of Christ Teams: Living Table UCC teammates: 2 Total Points: 548  
Rank: 42 Name: Linden Hills Neighborhood Council Teams: Linden Hills teammates: 11 Total Points: 576  
Rank: 41 Name: Mill City Farmers Market Teams: Mill City Zero Waste teammates: 7 Total Points: 589